NTR | Laying the perfect laminate floors
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Laying the perfect laminate floors

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04 Oct Laying the perfect laminate floors

Now that you’ve laid the foundations, you can pave your garden to create a low-maintenance and peaceful retreat.

Level of difficulty

Level 3 – Advanced

What you need

  • Garden paving slabs
  • Mortar
  • Datum peg
  • Mason’s trowel
  • Spirit level
  • Hammer

The steps to follow

  1. Lay the slabs on the foundation before securing them.
    2. Apply dabs of mortar on the foundation, position the paving slab and press downwards.
    3. Use a spirit level to check that both directions are level against the datum peg.
    4. Put some mortar along the edge of the slab.
    5. For the next paving slab, apply dabs of mortar on the foundation and carefully place the next paving stone into position. Check that the edges of the slabs fit snugly.
    6. To tighten the mortar joint, tap the paving slab with the shaft of a hammer.
    7. Use a spirit level to check that both directions are levelled.
    8. When the slabs are laid, neaten the joints and any excess mortar from the paving slabs.I.To fill in any gaps at the end of the paving row:
    i) Place a whole slab on top of the last slab and place another slab on top of it, with one edge of the middle slab touching the border.
    ii) Mark a line on the middle slab against the outside edge of the other slabs.
    iii) Cut the exposed part of the middle slab. This part will be used to fit the gap.
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